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widbook is the social network to find books, publish your own, create shelves and spread ideas.
Write your books, stories and experiences in an amazing online plataform, inserting images and videos.
Find books worldwide, follow the new chapters, make your shelves and save everything you love with Highlights.
Share stories with your followers at Widbook and others social networks and make yourself and your books popular.
Write to other authors, send your suggestions and be part of the history of books around the world.
You can publish the chapters as you write, even if the book is not yet finished.
Read all available books and approach authors by sending comments and following the writing process page by page.

Welcome in the New Tech Age where Curation is Social Media King tell you Lucian a normal teacher who work a lot to became Social Media Curator . Now I want to implement Curation Restart Education Project ; and for this reason I invite you to join and  collaborate and follow ; like . and get free our mLearning app . I invite to read  all my blogs daily   and Subscribe free to  my research blogs . I write weekly in my 1st research blog  about top 10 tools  , In my curation Blog  I write daily about startup curation tools  : I also write in  about  new web 2.0, social media startups tools and apps gateway through knowledge for teachers and students in XXI Century Education  . I describe also mLearning apps here , and last, but not least I have a  romanian blog .

Vidinterest is a video discovery platform where you can share and discover interesting videos. Logg in with Facebook .  Videos can be shared from various video sharing communities either via "Video Bookmarklet" installed in the browser or via "URL input Box" in User Menu. You can add videos to your existing or new playlist based on your interest & when necessary, through these videos, you can link back to the original video source page. You can also browse others interesting videos, be inspired, and get to know like-minded people following them and their interesting playlist.
Welcome in the New Tech Age because Curation Restart Education in our Project ; Follow ; like . and get free our mLearning app . Subscribe to My blogs ; : related to new web 2.0, social media startups , curation ; mLearning apps , google plus , and my romanian blog .

The Thingle platform lets you arrange information and collect items around the topics you are most passionate about, as well as share these with others. Once created or shared on Thingle, your passions become known as Thingles, which you can organize into personal collections. AThingle can be a combination of real life things you’ve photographed or objects or links you find on the web.
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Create collections for any topic imaginable, such as social media , education , elearning, fashion, antique cars, favorite football team or sustainable travel – don’t limit yourself! The possibilities are endless! Invite your friends to create Thingles, and to comment or contribute about existing Thingles. By sharing Thingles and contributing to other peoples’ Thingles, you will discover a whole new world of knowledge, and get to know many more people and their passions.Thingle are passionate about creating the most exciting and useful social platform on the web. This is a Beta version of the site and they improving the platform and we have tons of new features in the pipeline. We welcome your comments and feedback on how to improve our site.

Welcome in the New Tech Age because Curation Restart Education in our Project ; Follow ; like . and get free our mLearning app . Subscribe to My blogs ; : related to new web 2.0, social media startups , curation ; mLearning apps , google plus , and my romanian blog .


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