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My dear visitors first I wish you all Happy and Successful Year 2012 . is my first social media curation tool used this year and for this reason I decided to write about it today in my last blog post this year and if you like this I invite to add a comment and share with me in #edtech20 Pearltrees Team .

Why use Pearltrees ?

To cultivate your interests.
Pearltrees is a place to organize discover and share everything you like on the web.
You can keep at hand the web pages you like and enrich your account with Pearltrees from other members of the community.
Who is Pearltrees made for ?
Anybody who has ever wanted to keep a webpage (about a favorite movie, for researching travel, for conducting research or just because there are things you've found that you don't want to lose...) to retrieve it one day or to share it with someone. This means a lot of people!
What makes Pearltrees so special ?

It's probably different for each user but Pearltrees lets people:
have everything they like on the web organized in one place.
access their web items from anywhere using a PC, a Mac or an iPad.
enjoy a unique visual interface to keep everything they like at hand.
play with pearls, they're made to be manipulated.
discover the pearltrees from other members of the community, everything is public!
join a community of more than 200.000 users and 10 million pearls... it's free! (with no advertising )
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Meet your personal app manager using ALLMYAPPS
Save all your apps in the cloud. Synchronize them across all your devices. Allmyapps is a 100% free App Manager to:
Save all your apps and never lose them again
Discover thousands of great PC and Web apps
Install and update all your apps in 1 click
Share your favorite apps to the world

Find All the Apps You Need
Tired of the jungle of Ad and crapware saturated download sites? Give Allmyapps App search engine a try and find the apps right from the comfort of your desktop.
With more than 15.000 PC and web apps already in the fully categorized catalog, you will always find the app you are looking for.
Can’t decide between two apps? You have screenshots, descriptions, users reviews and ratings to help you pick the right one for you.
Install Apps in a Snap
100% Automatic and Secure App Installation
Forget about all those tedious downloads! Allmyapps download automatically and install properly without any virus, spyware or any other unsolicited software all the apps you want to install.
1-click install *all* your apps
Need to install or reinstall a lot of apps? Do not waste time anymore: Allmyapps 1-click installation technology makes installing lists of apps quick and simple! Save your time and ease your life.
With you when you need it
Found a cool app on the web? Thanks to the cool Google Chrome "App Finder" extension, you'll be able to install apps easily and securely without leaving your web browser.Never lose your apps again
Setting up your new PC has never been easier
Just bought a new PC and need to reinstall all your apps? With Allmyapps, it is a matter of minutes. Allmyapps knows every app you installed and let you reinstall them in a few clicks when you need it.
All your apps are saved in the cloud… automatically!
No need to save your setup files or to remember where you downloaded your apps from: Allmyapps automatically remembers each app you install on your PC. Next time you need them, they will be at your hands, waiting to be installed in their latest most secured versions.
A public profile to spread the word
Show your friends and to the world what apps you are using.

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Capturetocloud new curation tool in the cloud . Free account include Upload up to 200MB/month
Upload unlimited bookmarks
Up to 500 web pages, images, PDFs, etc.
Unlimited sharing
Free Google Docs integration
Free Dropbox integration and item linking
Marketing intelligence gathering, organizing, and sharing
Investment Professionals target entity's background, principals' profiles, sector and comparables data, references
Real Estate documents, images, web pages and text messages organized by transaction
Purchasing research and comparison data, terms, warranty, shipping data, receipts
Recruiting searching for candidates or potential engagements, doing background checks, researching client companies, capturing candidate profiles and annotating them
Science and Education researching a subject, collaboration, publishing
Sales and Consultants gathering data about or for clients
Analysts gathering sector intelligence, technology/methods, and other data related to the subjects or entities being analyzed or written about
Travel research destinations, travel docs, maps, activities, reviews, ICE, receipts
Researching Patents or IP Researching patents or IP related to a new technology and capturing relevant content from data sources
Personal Interests techniques/tools, venues and events, current project(s), data from others with similar interests, items from forums and blogs, collaboration and sharing
Journalists researching a story, collaborating, publishing
Health and Fitness researching a disease, genetic issue, or other health topic, gathering data on various treatments/regiments/diagnoses and their side effects, capturing personal data from health providers, keeping goals and tracking performance
Personal Capturing images and writings for inspiration on a new creative project
Food Capturing and organizing recipes and food images
Auto Capturing service records from auto service web site
Academic Researching and collaborating on a school project
Retail Vetting gifts ideas and capturing specific items for potential purchase . 

If you like this or you know other tool like this leave a comment .
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Hojoki Make All Your Cloud Apps Work As One .  Integrate your cloud apps into one personalized activity stream. Share your activities with team members and get instantly notified of theirs.

Hojoki automatically integrates your cloud app activities into one personalized activity stream. We support plenty of apps, with many more on the way.

2.Share and collaborate
Automatically shares progress feeds with your cohorts to collaborate on activities.

Get Notified
Updates are pushed to you and your team members immediately, keeping you on the same page.

Hojoki plays nicely with the apps you love:

Hojoki gets the commit messages from your code repositories and feeds them to your activity stream. Transfers #hashtags to Hojoki tags.

Works with both SVN and git repositories. Requires you to enable API usage at your Beanstalk profile.

Hojoki gets your uploads, includes them in your activity stream and lets you search for file names.

This integration is currently in private beta testing. 

Gets your bookmarks and lets you automatically share them with your team members based on tags.

Collects your public and private bookmarks, converts create and update events into Hojoki activities.

With Hojoki you can see when files or folders are added or changed in your Dropbox.

Based on Dropbox's event RSS feed which you have to copy from

Follow your activities in Evernote, both in private and shared notebooks.

This integration is currently in private beta testing. 

Hojoki gets the commit messages from your code repositories and feeds them into your activity stream. Transfers #hashtags to Hojoki tags.

Imports activities from your own projects as well as from the projects they have been forked from.

Google Calendar

Never miss a new event that’s created or updated in one of your team calendars.

Simply makes things easier!

Google Docs
Hojoki tracks changes in your Google Document folders and then tells you when anything is altered in any of your files.

Works with all types of files (docs, spreadsheets, etc.). Notifies the user of file creations or modifications.

If Highrise is your favourite way of managing your contacts, this is for you. Hojoki includes changes and additions related to contacts, companies and tasks.

This even includes more information than the original Highrise activity stream!

Pivotal Tracker
Track changes in your tracker (hurray, a play on words!). See when new stories are created or existing ones have been updated.

Transfers Pivotal Tracker tags as well as hashtags into Hojoki tags.

Ta-Da List

Ta-Da List is a quick and easy way to manage your daily tasks. Hojoki shows you what's new on your to-do list.

Works for multiple lists.


Imports your very own tweets. It's really helpful to share single tweets or your team’s twitter channel with a project.

#Hashtags are transfered to Hojoki tags. Retweets are attached below the original tweet.


Support portal works with the fabulous Zendesk and this integration helps us stay on top of what's going on there. Soon, this will be the same for you.

This integration is currently in private beta testing.

Roadmap ; These are what hojoki working on:

Is your favourite app not on the list? Make sure it gets implemented soon by suggesting it here. Thanks!

Hojoki, huwhat??

Hojoki Screencast: Integrate Cloud Apps from Hojoki on Vimeo.
Just in case you wonder about this funny name: Hojoki is the name of a famous Japanese book from the 13th century telling a poetic story about the way of life and flow of events. It starts with a sentence so beautiful and so descriptive to how all of us are working today that it inspired us to name our app after the book: "The current of the flowing river does not cease, and yet the water is not the same water as before."

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Facebook Timeline gives you an easy way to rediscover the things you shared, and collect your most important moments. It also lets you share new experiences, like the music you listen to or the miles you run.
Starting today, timeline is now available everywhere. Here are some tips to help you get started.

7-day review period
When you upgrade to timeline, you'll have seven days to review everything that appears on your timeline before anyone else can see it. You can also choose to publish your timeline at any time during the review period. If you decide to wait, your timeline will go live automatically after seven days. Your new timeline will replace your profile, but all your stories and photos will still be there.If you want to see how your timeline appears to other people, click the gear menu at the top of your timeline, and select "View As." You can choose to see how your timeline appears to a specific friend or the public.
Feature or hide stories
As you explore your timeline, you may see stories that you want to feature, like your graduation or the day you bought your first car. There might also be stuff that you want to remove or hide from your timeline.To feature something on your timeline, roll over the story and click the star to expand it to two columns. Or you can click the pencil to hide, delete or edit a post.Use the privacy dropdown to adjust who can see any of your posts. You can even select "Only Me" for posts you want to keep but don't want others to see.
See all your activity
With timeline, now you have access to a new tool called Activity Log. Your activity log is a place where you can review all your posts and activity, from today back to when you first started using Facebook. Only you can see your activity log.
You'll see two dropdown menus next to each story in your activity log. The first lets you see and adjust the privacy of a post. The second lets you decide if you want the post to appear on your timeline. You can feature, hide or delete any of your posts.
To quickly find a certain type of story, click the "All" dropdown at the top of your activity log and select what you're looking for. For example, you can choose to see only photos or posts from apps.
Get timeline today
To get timeline, simply go to the Introducing Timeline page and click "Get It Now." Or you can wait until you see an announcement at the top of your profile.
Starting today, timeline will also be available on Android and

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Bottlenose is a smarter way to surf the Stream. It's a new personalization tool that helps the important information find you in social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Use Bottlenose to track your interests, visualize trends, and curate knowledge with your friends. The Sharepocalypse is here to stay. Social networks are popping up left and right, and they're getting noisier. How do you cut through all this chaos? How do you make sense of your streams?
At Bottlenose they we're building a new social assistance application that helps you do just that. It helps navigate the depths of your networks and keep up with your social streams so you can engage more intelligently. But that's just the beginning: Bottlenose helps you hunt for what interests you, alerts you when something deserves your attention, and even helps you share and communicate more productively.
If you're an influencer, brand, or just someone who has a lot of friends and interests across social networks, we feel your pain and we're here to help.

What is Bottlenose?

Bottlenose is the smartest social media dashboard.

  • Put all of your streams in one place -- a unified view.
  • Navigate visually -- zoom in and out, effortlessly.
  • Automatically sort conversations -- messages categorize themselves.
  • Build rules and alerts -- only what you care about, when you need to care about it.
  • Compose richer messages -- be heard, be found, be productive. Be more #awesome.
It's now commonplace for online conversations to cross-pollinate between a slew of social networks and social enterprise applications. We spend hours guzzling information wholesale, searching, making lists upon lists and an endless row of columns as little more than a coping mechanism, desperately awaiting something better.
There's definitely not a lack of information on the Web. However, there is a lack of time and resources to find and consume it all - that why we built Bottlenose. We're solving the "more problem". Right now, more is bad. But more should be good.
Other social media dashboards just haven't managed to keep up with social media's explosive growth and adoption, unfortunately. You should be able to recklessly friend, follow and subscribe, resting assured that more can be better, if you have the right tools.
Everyone has an opinion and something to say, often on many networks simultaneously. Bottlenose is how you make sense of all of the conversations you follow, and the trends they relate to.
Bottlenose is intelligent. Bottlenose is personalized. And If you have a large audience, follow lots of people and interests, or create a lot of social media content -- Bottlenose is for you.

How do I get access to Bottlenose?

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Do you like this tool ? If yes leave a comment and suggest other tool like this .

I am unhappy to begin my Christmas Eve with this bad news but this is the life in a Social Media Curation world, but stay tune,visit daily this blog to discover the power of Social Media Curation tools

To our Au-THOORA-ties from thoora blog

We regret to announce that effective December 15th, 2011, Thoora will be shutting down. It is time for us to say goodbye.

We would like to thank each and every one of you for participating in this crazy journey with us. Your engagement with Thoora and your feedback have been remarkable, and we have loved learning from you. We definitely wouldn’t have gotten as far as we did without you.

We will leave the service running until noon EST December 15th, 2011. At that time we will suspend it indefinitely. This includes the website, the API and WordPress widget, and the Android tablet app. You will automatically be unsubscribed from our mailing list, and all of your account information will be permanently deleted.

If you would like to re-bookmark your favorites in the meantime, do the following:
Log in to your account on Thoora
Access your favorites page for each topic
Click on each favorite to open the content in a new browser tab or window
Re-favorite the item, using your browser’s favoriting function or other tool

Again, thank you for your loyalty and we hope to meet again in the future.


These days, finding the best content on the web is as important as creating it. At Thoora, was built a service with that in mind. We’ve got a new way for you to discover, monitor, and share the best of the web: by creating living bodies of knowledge on the topics you choose. Thoora  believe that the discovery of great content cannot be accomplished by algorithms alone, but nor can any human make sense of the entire web. Thoora’s secret sauce lies in a unique combination of human and machine. While patented semantic aggregation engine delivers quality content, thoora  put you in the driver’s seat, giving you the tools to refine, re-order and prioritize. The result? Human-perfected, living bodies of knowledge that are always fresh and relevant.Based in Toronto, Canada, Thoora was founded by University of Toronto PhD Chul Lee, a data mining and search expert, along with Kyu Lee and Byron Ma. Over the past three years, the team at Thoora has built and refined a patented engine to help discover, rate and deliver the highest quality, most trusted, and relevant content on any given topic. Thoora explores the entire blogosphere, Twittosphere, other social media apps, and thousands of traditional media sources; and then uses over 100 signals to filter, rank, and deliver that content to you for your refinement. Thoora then uses the actions behind your refinement to further optimize the results.With Thoora, let us distill the vast land of content out there for you; boil it down to only what you need. Then you can make the best of the rest of it. Happily.

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

I wish you all my friends, blog readers and PLN a Christmas with peace in your soul and a Happy New Year 2012 . For you all I made a online book click here  on the photo to see and add your comments if you like my Christmas Present for you 

Hi  and welcome to the blog for #edtech20 #socialmedia #curation project gateway to knowledge in XXI Century Education . ;
I am Lucian father, teacher , researcher and now Social Media Curator in XXI Century Education . 
I was selected one of the presenters in Teach meet Int'l and I invite to join free all the presentations 
click on the photo or link to participate .

Every presenter from this list has 3 minutes to present and after the meeting I invite you to see here insted of this photo my slides / presentation for Teach meet Int'l  . 
Also here is a online presentation / my present for my PLN for Christmas. In 25 december I invite you to see here complete presentation Curation is Social Media King where you will discover 25 best of Social Media Curation Tools .

I invite you to write here and add comments to my blog posts and what you think about this project and visit daily this blog to discover new social media curation tools who can bring a new dimenssion in XXI Century Education . I consider curation online fishing in the social web :) and for this reason I use this template . If you like our project register free join ning , wikispaces
For a good collaboration in our project I made a page on facebook here and also a page on google plus to keep in touch with the project .
And subscribe free to my gr8 blogs on next topics :
I blog related to gr8 tools and apps
Google Plus, Chrome tools and apps in #education20
Teaching and mLearning using gr8 apps 4 ipad, ipod, iphone
Profesor in secolul XXI

Description :
I launch this project because Curation is the Social Media King and Next Big Thing still 2011 around the social web and social media curation tools are the gateway through semantic web 3.0 in #education20 and for this reason I invite teachers and researchers worldwide to join free this global project .
Curation is King of Knowledge in Social Media and the Art of : searching, selecting, sharing/bookmarking , tagging, organizing, interaction, communication . Steve Rosenbaum describe in his book Curation : (p 3-4) Curation is about adding value from humans … Curation is very much the core shift in commerce, editorial, and communities that require highly qualified humans. Humans aren’t extra, or special, or enhancements; humans arecurators. They do what no computer can possibly achieve.
(p 12-13) No longer is the algorithm in charge. Human curators have become essential software. What emerges is new human and computer collaboration … The important news of the emergence of a Curation Nation is that humans are very much back in charge.The Internet Curator's role is to seek on the web information related to a specific domain, filter them, select them, organise, share and present them in a unique way.
Now, if you have done any of that work before, you should know that doing so has many benefits, but is also very time consuming. I mean, you can always scour your friends blogs, do a search, visit news sites or other trusted sources available to you. But then, there is the matter of putting them all together, by copying and pasting, editing, among other things.
In essence, you choose a topic, research for the best articles out there, combine them into a post, publish, and share it to the world. That’s curating content!

I am verry happy because #edtech20 #socialmedia #curation project has now a free browser app and also you can use it on ipad, ipod and iphone you you can download free from here

 Description of the mobile app 
Curation is the online King who open gateway to knowledge and for semantic web 3.0 . For this reason I launch #edtech20 #socialmedia #curation project gateway to knowledge  in #education20 . Curation is King of Knowledge in Social Media and the Art of : searching, selecting, sharing/bookmarking , tagging, organizing, interaction, communication  . I curate the best social media , web 2.0 and eLearning tools and apps who open gateway to knowledge in #education20 . If you download this app you will discover many web 2.0, social media and eLearning tools and apps who bring gateway to knowledge for teachers and students worldwide . In the same time you will learn what is Curation and why is the Social Media King .  Just follow me for more . In 2 words curation is ,, human knowledge “ .

#edtech20 free project is extended of the project ,, Teach, learn, play in 21st Century using web 2.0, social media used in an e-Safe way in education 2.0 " who was selected finalist project in ELEARNING AWARDS 2010 , runner up in the cathegory ENISA silver award for teaching online safety and citizenship .

I start this project because I was selected in june 2010 by European Schoolnet to work in the TIS – Insafe ; Teaching Internet Safety Project under European Schoolnet and TeachToday . I made a team from next european teachers : Coordinator Lucian Cornel Duma (ROMANIA) - me , Aureo Torres (SPAIN) ,Maria Sourgiadaki (GREECE) ,Catalina Nicolin ( MECTS Romania ) and Inge de Cleyn ( Belgium ) . We work all at this module proposed by me is called ,, How teachers and students can use free web 2.0 and social media in education 2.0 “ and all the resource where presented on Teachtoday website between 21- 22 octomber 2010 at Safer Internet Forum in Louxembourg . We made next teaching units :
1. Free microblogging safely in education : Twitter apps
2. Free blogging safely in education
3.Free animation 2.0 safely in education
4. How to introduce Internet safety issue via the discovery of free virtual worlds , Second Life.
I belive that new technologies web 2.0 and social media can open gateway to knowledge for teachers worldwide and for this reason curation tools will prepare the appearance of semantic web 3.0 in XXI Century Education and I made on #edtech20 circle on google plus ( the new tool who prepaire the introduction of new web in #education20 ) . I wish in the future to make a big platform where teachers worldwide can discuss how they can integrate efficiently new technologies in #education20 , but for this we need help and founds and I hope toghether to bring edreform . 

Curation has always been an underrated form of creation and it is generally the selection of, care for and presentation of the objects entered into a collection, whether that collection is physical (such as items in a museum) , digital (such as entries in Wikipedia) . Today I use gr8 curation tools many in beta for curating social media ( tools, apps, articles , blog posts , tweets , videos , photos and much more ) like , perltrees , postano , shareist , storify , chirpstory , and bagtheweb .
 My favorite are 4 , pearltrees , postano , shareist, but every day appear new curation tools who prepair the aparition of Semantic Web who is driving the evolution of the current Web by enabling users to find, share, and combine information more easily . For example delicious tool is a kind of curation, but this new curation tools allows your readers to add comments and suggestion for evry post .
The emphasis of curation may vary among:
The selection process - such as the use of expertise or expert advice to decide what items or content should be added to a collection or archive.
The caretaking process - controlling the decay of historical object (such as census records) .
Presentation - determining how objects or records are displayed, including what metadata will be displayed along with them.
2011 is the begining of New Era of Curation and every day appear new awesome social media curation tools like write Mashable in the article 4 Promising Curation Tools That Help Make Sense of the web . When I read Mashable's article I allready used Pearltrees and after I made #edtech20 team on pearltrees . When Tim Berners Lee originally conceived of the Internet, he envisioned three principal functions and I think that is curation
Allow anyone to access any type of document
Allow everyone to disseminate his or her own documents
Allow everyone to organize the entire collection of documents

Brian Solis write also in his website about curation and curators who play an important role in the evolution of new media, the reach of material information, and the social nicheworks that unite as a result. Curators promote interaction, collaboration, as well as education around the topics that are important to them. As such, services that empower curators will fill the void between creation and consumption. Forrester’s estimation of consumers of social content will erode from 70% to much lower numbers as many ease into social networking through curation – sharing with others the content that captivates their attention. The ease of doing so forever converts the static consumer into a productive curator or perhaps one day, a full fledged creator.
With creation and curation increasing the exchange of information commerce, we are moving new media toward the mainstream creating bridges between social and traditional media and the people who connect around related information. As such, what you discover and equally what you share creates an information economy rich with contextual and topical relevance linked through shared experiences.

Work process 
I want to collaborate in #edtech20 project with teachers worldwide and to discuss about new tools and apps web 2.0 , social media , and semantic web 3.0 . We will discover toghether how to use many edtools , apps and widgets related to mlearning, wikis , blogs , microblogs , social networking , news readers and news agregators , animation , cloud words , online communities , on-line web conferencing , chats and webinars , bookmarking , sharing using videos , photos , interactive presentations , documents , podcast and audio . I am in the top curators ( 50 000 visitors on my topics )and for this reason I made a scoopit curation topic and also a blog for my favorite topics . 
This project AIMS to bring free semantic web in XXI Century Education . Here you can see curation in action and join , share and follow  this curation topics :

6. Second Life

In conclusion let's make a big curation #edtech20 PLN and toghether we will discover semantic web 3.0 . I invite you to join FREE this project and complete this google doc with your informations and after I will invite you to became a member in our ning network and in our wiki
I will make a page on #edtech20 wiki with all collaborators . All the members who will be involved in this project will use #edtech20 hastag and are invited to curate with me if they use scoopit and if not to add their comments and feedback about what I and other members share in this curation topics and also we will collaborate in our facebook page .
I write this words about #edtech20 project, but your advices , comments and feed-back is welcome .

I invite you also to see my #edtech20 glog

Here is a useful presentation about curation 


NEW : Curation topic for all my gr8 blogs