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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

MySocialCloud is an online web application that allows you to manage your online life in one simple “cloud”—your secure entry point to the online world.

Created at the University of Southern California, MySocialCloud is a very young start-up that is eager to bring ease and simplicity to the web experience. 
MySocialCloud   purpose is to help people manage their online lives. MySocialCloud allows people to store usernames and passwords for automatic login to any site. On MySocialCloud, people can also view their various streams from across the Internet—from sites such as Facebook, Twitter—all pulled together onto one, easy-to-view page. No Mafia Wars notifications, no Farmville—just the content you really want to see.
MySocialCloud is the easiest and most convenient way to store your online login information. It’s time to leave behind the hassle sticky notes and Excel spreadsheets. MySocialCloud is accessible from any internet-capable device, and because your information is stored in an online cloud, it can never be lost, wiped out, or deleted.
In addition, 
MySocialCloud   site utilizes advanced encryption to ensure your information is always secure—from the inside and the outside. No one at MySocialCloud will ever be able to access any of your data, Verisign and TrustE certificates can be found on our security page.
If you like this app please leave a comment if you know other appps like this .  Join MySocialCloud, and experience the web more easily and fluidly than you ever have before.

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