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Because Curation is Social Media King also in XXI Century Education I want to implement Curation Restart Education Project
Snipdocs is starup curation tool to share knowledge using a web application applying semantic search and visual bookmarks to help users build documents for research, work, or casual topics. Paid content is being offered directly within the platform to provide high quality results . Take any excerpt from any digital source and store it in virtual documents. Structure and edit your collected bits and pieces to your personal liking. Invite others to help you collect and curate the contents of your snipdocs documents. 
Grab the essential pieces of information that you want to keep from any website - paragraphs of text, images, and videos. snipdocs even helps you to find great content based on the topic of your current document.


Easily arrange your collected Snips in the way they make sense to you. Simply move the pieces around, group them or highlight the keywords. It‘s never been easier to join pieces of information to form meaningful knowledge.

SHARE WITH EVERYONE Share your snipdocs with other users and invite them to collaborate with you to build knowledge bases for business projects, your next study paper or an upcoming vacation.

Welcome in the New Tech Age where Curation is Social Media King tell you Lucian a normal teacher who work a lot to became Social Media Curator ; Now I want to implement Curation Restart Education Project ; NEW and for this reason I invite you to join and collaborate and follow ; like and get free our mLearning app . Kindly I invite to read all my blogs daily and Subscribe free to my research blogs . I write weekly in my 1st research blog about top 10 tools , In my curation Blog I write daily about startup curation tools : I also write in about startup edtools and apps and here I describe mLearning ipad apps


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