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Claco is a startup curation tool for educators, a “GitHub for teachers,” a place where teachers can set up their own profiles and share what they’re up to professionally. On Claco, teachers can build, organize and share lesson plans (Claco supports a range of lesson content, like website links, embed codes, videos, etc.), along with searching through those posted by the community.
The idea is to make collaboration a key focus of the platform, enabling teachers to streamline the lesson-planning process and work together to share and enhance their own work, as well as the work of others. Like BetterLesson, Claco wants to simplify what has previously been a time-sucking process that consumed hundreds of hours each year.It does this by allowing teachers to find lessons they’re interested in, snap them into their own lessons (without having to download them), and then organize them in one place on their Claco profiles. Pretty straightforward.
As to how the startup is differentiating from the rest, Simons says that the key is being able to use other teachers’ resources without downloading anything — and creating a collaborative, professional social network that allows users to quickly find other educators to collaborate with. On top of that, lessons aren’t just files, they’re also interactive websites and games, and include video content
Features :Collaborate with educators across the hall or across the globe.
You're no longer alone. Team up with great educators just like you and build lessons in real time, ask questions & share your rockstar teaching skills. Let the collaboration begin!
One place to store all of your resources.
We all know the nightmare of storing class materials in multiple bookmarking & file sharing sites. Claco allows you to store, and easily access, all of your websites, videos, files & more all in one place. You can even align resources with thOne click to share with students, parents, and colleagues.
With your resources already on Claco, it takes just a click to share with anyone and everyone! Say goodbye to sending large email attachments or uploading every time you want to share with others.

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