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Gimme Bar Save the Web 
Don’t bookmark the web. Save it. Gimme Bar doesn’t just keep bookmarks; it stores items in your personal library in the cloud. You can even back things up to Dropbox.  
Organize Your Stuff 
Take the content that you’ve been saving and tell a story about yourself or the world. Gimme Bar collections make great Wishlists, Favorites, Inspiration, Research.  
Share With the World 
Make your collections public and share with your friends or clients or family.  
Discover New Goodness 

Bored? Not any longer. Discover mountains of cool new stuff on Gimme Bar. See some recent stuff of what users have collected.

Gimme Bar Demo from Gimme Bar on Vimeo.

Blog curated by Lucian, father, teacher, researcher and Social Media Curator who just win a IPAD in a Global Competition or simply a educator hwo teach special needs students how to integrate new technologies online web 2.0 and Social Media into the classroom . Follow &


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