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Saturday, February 9, 2013

  Now webdoc is Urturn  

Flick through the ready-made Expressions and choose the one that fits your mood.
Your turn
The Urturn button is the magic switch that enables you to try out an Expression for yourself!

Webdoc enables you to mix the web to create interactive posts on-the-fly and start rich social conversations.Webdoc lets you create, share and discover rich interactive posts and engage spontaneously with friends or audience around your interests, passions, events and promotion - when a status update just isn’t enough to tell your story and you don’t want to start a blog.
Enabling people to express themselves in a richer, more interactive way than traditional social networks, Webdoc is the next evolution of online communication. Webdoc users can start expressive conversations quickly and easily by pulling in rich content — video, audio, photos, and more — from across the web, as well as unique Webdoc Apps, to create instant shareable pages around their passions and interests.
Reduce the digital gap between school life and everyday life. Leverage the wealth of web content in learner interactions. Because each webdoc can be conversation about a subject, the teaching activity is at the center of your student interaction.
Webdocs can be very public or shared securely between just a few people. Each webdoc remains yours; you keep full control of its access and content, expanding your lesson beyond the classroom door.
How can webdoc support your teaching
Collaboratively create content . With webdoc, your students become educational content creators. Engage them to search collaboratively for information to build their own curriculum and content that is not only more creative, but up to date. Mashup, build, produce and share! Not only are your students learning, they are engaging in the learning process with video, sound, text, maps, and much more.
Publish and extend a classroom lesson and let students exchange their understanding and ideas about the subject. They participate using rich media that they created or found online: links, drawings, videos, images, texts, and so on. They can even include polls about the subject!
Student homework
Enable learners to work on and submit their homework in one-to-one private webdocs shared with you, using rich media. This helps prepare them for life: learning to use online content well is becoming a key skill.Follow the working methods and progress of each student. Trace the evolution of your learners.
Enrich your Facebook and Twitter posts
Enhance your existing social presence by posting rich content on webdoc and sharing it with your communities.
A post becomes a rich discussion room as others reply - a persistent room on a specific subject!
Social activities, school and families
Share with families and friends a rich web collage that shows pictures, videos, maps, and songs created collaboratively by the classroom. A webdoc can bring a new dimension to sporting events, school productions and extra-curricular activities, … If you like this new social media tool and if you know other tools like this please leave a comment
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