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The Student Edition of scrible is a free upgrade for students
that adds the sweet features shown below.
If you already use scrible and registered with a “.edu” email address, you can upgrade to the Student Edition for free from the Settings Page in your account. If you’re a new student signing up with a .edu email address, you’ll be shown an option to upgrade for free during the sign up process. If you have a .edu email address but didn’t originally sign up with it, you can add it as a secondary email address via your Settings Page. This will then allow you to make the upgrade and use
5 Powerful New Features
The 5 powerful new Student Edition features enable you to create sophisticated reports from you researched articles, easily capture citations while you’re reading online, generate bibliographies with one click, distill all of your highlights and notes into simple summaries and collaborate with others via group, topic or project specific Shareable Libraries. Nearly all of these features (except for citation capture) are accessible from within your Library (as shown here) once you’ve upgraded to the Student Edition.
The first new feature is a robust report interface. We’ve added the ability to bring the annotations from your saved articles into a rich text editor. Once you’ve selected the articles you want to work with and clicked the Add to Report Button in your Library, we take you to the report interface, which is a split pane view with the articles shown in a Source List on the left and the text editor on the right. You can selectively click on annotations in the Source List to add them to the report on the right. This allows you to easily bring your annotations into the editor and integrate them into your reports using the fully featured editor. Once you’ve finished writing, you can share the report using all the methods you’re used to, such as social media, permalink and email.

Citations & Bibliographies
To go along with report writing, we’ve tried to ease a major pain point: proper citations and bibliography creation. We’ve added a citation manager to our Toolbar so that you can create citations right on the webpage or article as you’re working. When you click on the Citation Button in the Toolbar (shown here with the green box around it), you’ll be shown the Citation Generator Window. We autofill some of the citation info and you can easily fill in the rest. Once you’re done, you can automatically create citations with a single click in all the major academic formats, such as MLA, APA and Chicago. This citation info is saved with your article for future use so that once you’ve filled it out, you’ll never need to touch it again.

Once you have your citations saved, you can pull them into our dedicated bibliography interface, seen in the screenshot here, or directly into the report interface described earlier.


If that all sounds too heavy, we also added a summary view of your annotations along with some meta information about the article. So, you can distill down and extract out just the important highlights and notes. By showing you just the good parts, you’ll have a clean view of what matters most. Shown here is the summary for just one article, but you can pull in as many saved webpages as you like at once.

Shareable Libraries

Lastly, we’ve added the ability to collaborate via multiple, Shareable Libraries. You can now create separate libraries for various groups, topics and projects to keep your saved and annotated articles organized in an orderly fashion. You can also invite other folks to your Shareable Libraries so that you can work together to collect, save and comment on articles and Web content. If you’d like to learn more about Shareable Libraries, check out this blog post.

That’s it for the overview of scrible Student Edition .

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