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Streemfire is a browser based webpage builder designed to give content creators of all types a simpler way to host their media online. It provide users an easy to follow workflow in creating their own all-media webpage. 
Streemfire use Microsoft standardised cloud technology to encode, store and distribute your media across the globe. Accessible at any time, Streemfire is your tool for organising, curating and sharing your original media across a variety of systems, browsers and devices.Their  HTML5 built media player provides your audience with universal access to your media and a high quality play out on PCs, tablets and smart phones. This means no need to download and install native apps.
The Streemfire player does not restrict your choice to show video, images or music files.
Upload a mix of Video, Images and Sound files
To create your great Streemfire page you're going to need complete flexibility with what you can upload. That's why Streemfire allows you to build your content from Video, Images and Sound files in a range of file formats.
Drag and Drop your media to create a playlist
Once you've uploaded your favourite media items they will appear on your 'Prepare' page. Simply drop them into your playlist zone for playout in the particular Channel you are working with. Don't like their playout order? Simple, just drag and drop to re-order your media and the Playlist is saved automatically!
You can create up to 10 mixed media playlists, but we call them Channels here! 
This is where Streemfire differs from other media display services. With us you can build up to 10 media channels and manage each one in turn from your Channel Selection bar. The Channel you have selected defines the Channel you are working on when building a playlist. Perfect if you have multiple campaigns or just want to keep things seperate! 
Let everyone know what is in your Channels with an awesome Channel cover image
To let your audience know what kind of media they will recieve by clicking on one of your Channels, we suggest giving each Channel a relevant Channel cover image.
This is easily achieved by using one of your uploaded image files.
Tip: Visit your 'Collect' page and select 'Edit' by clicking the image you would like  
to use as your Channel cover image, then use the Channel cover image cropping preset for the perfect dimentions.
Personalise your playout with a background image and logo to drive traffic to your blog, website or fanpage
Streemfire is a great tool alone or to supliment your pre-existing blog, website or fanpage. Add a beautiful background image or import your existing brand identity with no loss of continuity. We don't want your audience to feel trapped on one page so why not add your logo and link to your website? It's easily done, just select an image from your media library and paste in your link!
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