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Dear teachers first I want to wish  HAPPY EASTER / PASSOVER .
Like I write in my previous post kindly I invite you to collaborate  and join free  #edtech20 curation and semantic project in XXI Century Education and fill up this document with your information after I will invite you to join free and collaborate in #edtech20 Ning PLN and wiki 
and if you want you can post your favorite tool in this blog because 
I want to post daily 1 of the best #edtools used in #edtech20 project and I invite you to post with me in this blog . 
Today I want to write about the best and my favorite edtool in  XXI Century Education Glogster Edu who can be used in many ways and for this reason I want to show you some presentations made by me using this wonderfull tool and I want to told you that I am very  proud to be accepted in  Glogster EDU Ambasador Team and I have a GlogsterEdu  Premium account (Glogster EDU Premium is a collaborative online learning platform for teachers and students to express their creativity, knowledge, ideas and skills in the classroom) Click to see my Glogster Edu Ambassador introduction made by Deena Kelly.

Because today is Easter I want to show you a glog made after international Contest ,, Ressurection of Son of God and the renaissance of whole making "


Glogster Edu is the leading global education platform for the creative expression of knowledge and skills in the classroom and beyond. Glogster EDU empower educators and students with the technology to create GLOGS - online multimedia posters - with text, photos, videos, graphics, sounds, drawings, data attachments and more. 
My students love to make glogster edu presentations to show their activities, their work and also  to learn many things using this edtool.

In my first glog I present #edtech20 project :

I don't know if you saw still now , but #edtech20 project is included in April Newsteller .


Expand Digital Literacy

Glogster EDU creates a digital learning environment, where teachers and students learn technology in an easy to use and scalable format that simplifies the educational process and produces assessable multi-modal results across the curriculum spectrum.
Enable Standards MasteryGlogster EDU enables public or private schools, districts, states, and education institutions of all kinds, to meet and exceed educational technology and content area standards for creativity and innovation, communication and collaboration, research and information fluency, critical thinking, problem solving and decision making, and digital citizenship.
Promote Independent Problem SolvingGlogster EDU creates an adaptable and innovative learning environment for all learners, regardless of age, gender, culture or learning style. Students are encouraged to be independent, inventive problem solving and lifelong learners.
Demonstrate Understanding of Curriculum ObjectivesThe Glogster EDU format encourages students to express independent and creative thought, and be competent and confident problem solvers. Glog-based teaching and learning strategies facilitate such development, and open possibilities for designing new curricula to meet education objectives.
Fulfill UDL PrinciplesGlogster EDU’s platform fulfills the UDL Principles of: Multiple Means of Representation, in order to give diverse learners options for acquiring information and knowledge; Multiple Means of Action and Expression, to provide learners options for demonstrating what they know; and Multiple Means of Engagement, to tap into learners' interests, offer appropriate challenges, and increase motivation.
Enhance Formative and Summative AssessmentsGlogster EDU enhances the connections among curriculum, instruction, and assessment methods. Glogster EDU will increase the efficiency of summative assessments and expand the scope and nature of formative assessments.
Provide Differentiated Instructional ActivitiesGlogster EDU’s differentiated format promotes a positive balance between acquisition of factual knowledge, the mastery of concepts and skills, and the imaginative use of multi-media and relevant Internet resources.
Glog Creation Interface
A Glog is created using a very easy to understand, drag and drop interface that is relevant, enjoyable, and scalable for students of all ages and learning styles. A Glog is an interactive visual platform in which users create a “poster or web page” containing multimedia elements including: text, audio, video, images, graphics, drawings, and data.
Create Curriculum Based Projects for Classes, Groups, Teams, or Individuals
The teacher can work with students in a classroom or through remote instruction using this multimedia platform – a community system for sharing is prepared where student‘s work is stored and available at any time. The teacher creates projects with templates and instructional guidelines, assigns them to the students, provides feedback throughout the assignment, and assesses their finished work.
Glog Presentations! Share student or teacher projects in Class, School, District or Beyond
Once projects are complete, the teacher can share students’ work in a variety of educational settings. Glogs can be embedded in a blog, wiki, or web page or shared with others using Glogster EDU’s innovative presentation capabilities. Choose exemplar student projects and demonstrate students’ achievements with parents, administrators, students, and other educators.
Private and Safe Learning Environment for Teachers and Students
The teacher easily creates a private virtual classroom with students by registering for a teacher administered account, generating student accounts with safe logins and passwords, and monitoring all activities within the account throughout the learning process. Student accounts can be created without providing email addresses or other contact information. The Teacher’s Dashboard provides direct access to all students, projects, and other activities.
Single Multi-Subject and Class Dashboards for Teachers and Students with One Login and Password
All educators utilizing Glogster EDU’s inventive platform have direct access to individual students through a single portal – the Teacher Dashboard. Not only can teachers see all student activity within their own Teacher Dashboard, each student can also easily view and manage all of their classes and projects within their Student Dashboard. A single login and password will provide each teacher and student with complete access to multiple classroom activities. In the near future, Administrators will have a unique, secure login access for monitoring entire district or state-level Glogster EDU activities.


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