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Dear members of #edtech20 #PLN like I write in my previous post 
I want to post daily about new adtools used in #edtech20 curation and semantic project in XXI Century Education and I invite you to join this free project and fill up this document with your information  and after I will invite you to collaborate in this blog and  #edtech20 Ning PLN  and wiki . You can contact me at for more informations . Today I want to present you a wonderfull edtool, 

SymbalooEDU who  is a PLE   curation tool to organize and share the best of the web with others, for example your friends, colleagues or students. I am very proud to be accepted a certificated Symbaloo Edu Teacher after I made  for #edtech20 project a webmix .

 Nowadays there are many online tools and resources for teachers in the market, with the attempt to make classes more interactive and appealing. After Symbaloo’s launch, we have received a large number of emails in which people have stated that Symbaloo is a great resource for teachers. Some teachers even say that Symbaloo is amongst the most promising educational resources on the web, especially because it works very good as a Personal Learning Environment

The  history of Symbaloo and  it  features              The visual interface and ease of aggregating content and sharing it, makes Symbaloo a great resource for teachers. With Symbaloo you can:

  • Gather the best content on the web about 1 topic, and present it on a webmix
  • Share a webmix with other teachers, and students
  • Discover useful webmixes in the Symbaloo Gallery to use in the classroom
  • Share a webmix with parents to provide some insight of the used materials
A worthy mention: Symbaloo is free of charge and doesn’t include any annoying ads.

Symbaloo as an educational teacher resource in Holland

In Holland, where Symbaloo has been founded, the most popular webmix is Digibord. This webmix is created by a teacher and is used in many classes on the digital board in the classroom (smartboard). It has been installed over 45,000 times in the last school year. This photo is of a Dutch classroom that is using a smartboard with Symbaloo (we found it on a Dutch newssite for teachers).
At Symbaloo, we think our tool can be used perfectly as one of the main resources for teachers . Once everything is set, Symbaloo can be used as the central point for gathering content for the class and for the students.

Start the discussion about Symbaloo as an educational resource in your classroom

For the school year that starts this September, we would like to do something extra for schools. Currently we’re working on a special EDU version of Symbaloo with the best online content, so all teachers can start right new school year with a great resource. We are interested in knowing which topics you would like to have a webmix for, or if you already have one please share it with us!

Symbaloo update: Embed Content

I was very  excited  when I saw  that Symbaloo has launched a new feature: embedding your internetfavorites on your webmix. This means you don’t have to leave Symbaloo anymore if you want to see a photo on Flickr, a video on Youtube or a document of Google docs. On this video you will learn how to embed webservices onto Symbaloo.

How to embed on Symbaloo from symbaloo on Vimeo.

As news of Yahoo’s Delicious bookmarking site coming to an end hits bookmarking enthusiasts worldwide we question whether some are ready for a change. What is the Future of Bookmarking?
Delicious users, we feel your pain and offer a solution that is quite contrary to the status quo. Imagine seeing all your bookmarks visually, being able to search for collections of bookmarks around one topic and being able to share them to Twitter and Facebook with the click of a button. That is in fact possible now on Symbaloo and we are currently developing a solution to import your bookmarks from Delicious that will be available soon.
Why Symbaloo? Symbaloo is a visual way to save and organize your online bookmarks. We are free of charge and free of advertising. Colors, icons, images and text can all be used simultaneously to identify your bookmarks. Videos, slideshows and photo albums can easily be embedded for quick access without having to leave Symbaloo. Your bookmarks go with you where ever you go. They can be accessed from any computer or device such as the ipad, whiteboards or tablets.
Many services are embeddable on Symbaloo such as Youtube, GoogleDocs, Flickr and more with many more on the way. See all embeddable services on Symbaloo.
Tired of Tagging? Our pre-populated and user generated database contains thousands of pre-tagged tiles. Simply search within our tile search box for your favorite sites. For those who still have the itch for tagging, the option is still there but by tagging groups of links into what we call a webmix, you are now making it easier for everyone to find collections of valuable resources all centered around one topic.
Social sharing is easy on Symbaloo. Users have the option to share their webmixes publicly by publishing to our Symbaloo Gallery, which indexes to Google, or they can share privately through email, Twitter and Facebook.
Quick saving is a must. To make bookmarking your favorite sites even easier we have a Symbaloo Bookmarker add-on available for Firefox and Chrome. If you are browsing websites and would like to bookmark it to your Symbaloo you simply click on the Symbaloo Bookmarker that you have installed to your browser toolbar and it will add the bookmark to Symbaloo without leaving the site that you are on.

Get Social With Symbaloo

We have some very exciting new features to tell you about that might get you socializing more through Symbaloo. Last week some new social widgets were added to the tile database: Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. With these new widgets you will be able to browse, update and post to these social sites but also see what your friends are up to directly from Symbaloo.

Facebook Widget

With the new Facebook widget connecting with your friends has never been easier. As you can see you will have access to all of your basic Facebook functions through the center box once you have added the Facebook widget to your webmix.
To update your status just click on the little “thought bubble” icon in the top right corner next to the home button and a text box will appear for you to type in your update and post to Facebook. You can even view your photos or those of your friends without having to leave your Symbaloo. Click on “photos” and it will take you to the albums and images you wish to view. Once you click on the image it should enlarge the image right in your screen, it will open directly in the center like this image here:

Twitter Widget

What you can do with Facebook you can also do with Twitter. Post updates and browse the latest. By adding the Twitter widget to your webmix you will be able to view your twitterfeed, profile, messages, mentions and tweet without ever having to leave Symbaloo.

YouTube Widget

Last but not least is our YouTube widget. If you are as addicted to YouTube as we are then this tool is for you. You don’t have to leave Symbaloo anymore to browse videos, view your playlist or see what’s popular on YouTube at the moment.
Install these widgets today and start socializing through Symbaloo! We’d love to hear what you think about these widgets. If there are any other tools that you would like to see added to our database please submit a comment below.


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