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CircleMe is an innovative social way to collect all the things you love and discover new ones. With CircleMe, people can get inspired to connect more deeply with the things they love and discover new interests through smart serendipity.
Rather than catching dust, the likes users “shelve” on CircleMe help them connect with like-minded people, track related news and trade curated recommendations and future plans with their social circles. The service lets you import your favorites from other services, add or remove items from your library, and feature all your interests in a visually compelling way. After collecting all your likes, CircleMe allows you to engage with any of your interests by learning more about them, tracking conversations related to them, or creating ‘to dos’ for any of your potential passions. CircleMe is also available as an iPhone app. so that users can always carry with them their ‘interests’ and also take advantage of the system to experience location-based serendipic discovery.

The concept behind
Circleme think that life is much more enjoyable if it can be personal, and if any of us can engage with the things, events and people we truly like. Life is too short to be exposed to things we do not care about (and the web can be full of them!). Furthermore, we believe that “connections” between people are ‘elastic’ and not ‘binary’. Relationships between people change with time and they are also modulated by the things we have in common.
CircleMe helps surface those implicit and often time-sensitive relationships, so you can engage in a more meaningful way with like-minded people and interests, whether known or waiting to be discovered by you.
Furthermore, CircleMe Mobile helps you discover new interests and passions when you least expect them, but when most appropriate as related to a location you are passing by at a specific moment thanks to its exclusive “planting” feature.
Why would I use it?
Have you ever wanted to share a good movie, book or event with a friend of yours because you knew he or she would appreciate it? Would you love to know when your favorite rock band is coming to town for their new tour concert? Would you like to discover that an intriguing person sitting next to you in a bar happens to have similar likes?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, CircleMe is for you!
Furthermore, imagine walking by a park, and receiving a special note from your partner who left for you there a ‘treat’ (e.g., the perfect song to listen to when there). Imagine walking into a bookstore and getting an immediate suggestion from your friend on what should be your next must-read book. Imagine just discovering these little tips on new interests and passions depending on where you are.
Use it to manage your history of things, places, people and events you liked. Use it to share good stuff with your buddies. Use it to keep updated on your favorite things. CircleMe is for all life occasions in which you want to focus on your passions, or are just curious to discover new ones. 

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