Discover the Power of Curation


Squirro will revolutionize the way you gather and harvest content in a way that matches your exact interests. Share with friends or colleagues. For work or play.
A new way to harvest relevant content

Meet Squirro, your personal digital research assistant. Squirro curates the most relevant content from multiple sources and delivers it in a living collection you can really harvest and share. Squirro filters out the noise to give you the content that matters most.

Squirro is your personal digital research assistant
He delivers the info you want, when you need it. Squirro is an expert in content curation: Just give him a few keywords and he’ll filter out the noise to deliver just what you’re looking for – news, documents and even people.
Any topic, from the general to the obscure.
Any purpose, work or play.
Squirro is broader than feeds and more specific than search

Squirro is gathering content from a wide variety of sources and delivering it in simple and elegant digest that’s updated continuously and automatically. And the more you use Squirro, the smarter he gets, able to sense what you’ll want next. The result is a living collection of information that matches your interests exactly.

Squirro is resourceful in lots of different ways
He brings together all of the different tools you use to gather and consume content so you can easily harvest it – and isn’t that the real point? With Squirro you can follow topics, clip and collect articles, take notes and make comments in your own personal or shared workspace.
Squirro can be all business

Squirro is perfect for discovering trends, tracking competitors and monitoring customers. He can even integrate with company applications, so you can connect your prospects’ data in a continuous stream of their relevant news (Available for, SAP, Highrise and soon other CRM systems, too).

Think how Squirro can work for you:
Research any topic
Collect information on prospects
Track competitors
Monitor customer satisfaction
And share it all with team mates

Squirro is social, too
You can connect with other members to follow their interests and share yours.
Squirro is mobile
He runs online, from desktop to iPad to Android to make sure you have the same info available, wherever you are.
With Squirro, you can learn more, connect better and work smarter
Squirro reduces the noise of finding the information you want, so you can really harvest the content that matters. Put him to work! 

Welcome in the new Age
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