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Wavii Keep up with everything you care about in a personalized news feed.
Wavii automatically creates status updates for your favorite politicians, celebrities, gadgets, and more. These updates highlight what's happening, like a political victory, dramatic breakup, startup acquisition, or new app release, so you're in the know and can discuss with friends. The more you follow, the more active and personalized your news feed becomes.
The same way you follow your friends on Facebook, you follow everything else on Wavii.
Follow any topic
Follow any topics to get status updates about it in your feed. You can also follow Wavii users to see what matters to them.
What's happening
Each item in your feed is a status update about one or more of the topics that you follow.
News feed
See what's happening with the topics you follow.
Does the news make you smile…do you love it? Or does it make you angry? Let your friends know.
Discuss and share
This is the place to discuss what's happening with the things you care about. @mention others to kick off the discussion.
See images, videos, related data, and other rich content for each event in your feed
Wavii generates status updates automatically for every topic in our system

 The Wavii Story from their website
,, We started Wavii because we knew there was a better way to consume the mountains of information being created on the web, and find what you actually care about (or, to let it find you).
First, we knew that we really liked what Facebook did… clearly summarizing everything our friends are doing into a simple, structured feed, and adding in related events and photos. Clean, simple and easy, and and just about the people we care about. Why can't we get all of our news that way?It comes down to what the computer can understand. Facebook can create this because their millions of users are willing to manually input their life stories every day, giving Facebook the information it needs to create a feed. For the rest of the world’s topics and events however, there is no army of workers inputting every detail in a way the computer understands. So, as the perfect cliché, Wavii set out to solve this by making a similar feed that covers every topic in the news you might want to follow… or as we sometimes describe it, to make Facebook out of Google.We do it by teaching computers to read everything that is reported or shared on the internet, and automatically produce interesting social content about it. The science dates back to years of natural language research at universities and private research institutions, to which we're applying a unique approach. "

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