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                                    is your curation social search tool and diary for life. It is designed not to replace the functionality of the origin sites (i.e. to post and publish) but to serve as your real-time review and tracking tool. In addition it may be used as a Social Card, a revolutionary way to mark yourself and/or your business in the online market.

The Webee timeline collects all your social media activities (your posts from the wall) and organizes them by the passage of time. The timeline is real-time, it is automatically refreshing and the number of new posts is marked at the top right hand corner of the timeline itself.
There are several ways to navigate on the timeline. First, have a look at the orange arrows at both edges. A single-click results in a page jump, whilst a constant hold in a content flow. Another way is to drag the inner contents to the left or the right or to scroll in a similar manner using the mouse.
You may choose from two timeline views. The Timeline view points to the dates of the posts, whilst the Agenda view presents the origin of the posts. The earlier is one of the options to make a quick search on your timeline; you may zoom in or out using the magnifier icons. For better results do not release post first-click. Note that the smallest scale is an hour view. Also, clicking on the source icons takes you to the relevant post(s).

Content is the unit of your timeline and it is subject to a category, for instance: post, photo or video. This category is marked at the top right hand corner of the content window. The content window is color coded, enabling you to easily identify the source of the post, which is visible under the content windows too. It also contains the date and the related account of the post. To enlarge a specific content you may double-click on it. Here you have to option to visit the link and the source of that particular content, plus you have the option to set privacy. Note that an enlarged content can be lifted from the timeline, enabling you to listen, read, watch or compare multiple contents in the same time.
Since contents are organized by time, it is easy to find the newcomer(s). To make it even easier, your timeline highlights them with an exclamation mark, just above the source icon.

Currently Webee may connect you to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Wordpress and it is also possible to link multiple accounts from the same service.
In addition we are aiming to integrate loads more of services for the next version release and an open API for plug-ins is under construction, so external developers may help us in increasing the depth of social media integration soon.

You may filter your timeline by services and/or the type of the posts. This helps in finding specific contents without struggle. Just click on the relevant icon(s) to dismiss or include. You may reset filters to include all, and to apply, please hit the 'Apply Filters' button.

As we previously described, the Timeline view and filter features may help you in finding a specific content. It is also possible to search the timeline for particular posts. Just type in the subject word and the timeline jumps to the earliest match in time. To find closer matches keep hitting the 'Next' button.
We believe that this function will be a great deal of help in retrieving information from the current and the past.

You can share your whole timeline either by providing a vanity URL or by creating a Social Card and embedding it to your site. The latter has three template options to choose from, varying by skin only. This Social Card feature is a great way of summarizing your business and/or private details and social activity to your customers and other interested parties. It is your social diary!

Privacy settings are granted within Webee. Our primary goal is to provide you the tool that suits your privacy needs. Privacy can be set in the content window, where three levels are available:

• Private: the post is only visible to you.

• Friends: only you and your friends can see the post
• Public: the content is visible to everyone.

Note that the same level of privacy settings apply to the profile details, hence you have full privacy control over your social card too.

Webee becomes more fun, when you follow others. Simply use the 'Search' or the 'Suggested user' function to find people, whose activities you would like to track. You do not need to request friendship, you may see all public contents of that users. Should he/she decide to follow you as well, you become friends and not only the public-, but all friend-level contents may become visible to each other.

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