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Chill help you to discover free the best videos in the world, just join with facebook . If you like this startup  tool and if you know other video curation tools leave a comment .

The new Chill makes it dead simple to watch and share video. They built a fully-integrated way for you to consume entertaining, interesting and thoughtful content on your terms.Everything has been re-imagined in the new Chill. Your home is now a grid of videos shared by the people you care about. And the most important activity — watching video — is built to be a fully-integrated and immersive viewing experience that doesn’t force you to leave the page. But what about sharing? It is easy to repost videos you love to your followers and share them seamlessly with your Facebook and Twitter networks. Now is a popular section that allows you to easily discover what’s cool at that moment in time in the community.
Already on Chill are professional athletes, musicians, filmmakers, YouTube professionals and more of the personalities whose taste you care about. Better yet, chill brought all of your favorite video sharing sites together — like YouTube, Vimeo and more — into a rich community of people bound by friendship and interests.

Features :
The best videos start conversations. That’s why you have a new watching experience who encourages dialogue with people in the community who’ve commented, watched or reposted on any video in the community.
The end result of this is that comments, viewers and reposters are displayed next to every video. So it’s easy to join the conversation, start one up, or follow people who you find interesting.
With Chill’s Timeline app, you can seamlessly share with your friends the videos and collections you’ve been creating; enabling you and your friends to discover incredible new videos.
If you ever want to adjust your Timeline settings, simply click “Settings” on the dropdown menu that appears when you hover over your name on Chill.

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