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Curators are smart, passionate, love bringing people together, and are an integral part of the CupidCurated experience. Each curator is specifically selected to pick everyone who gets into CupidCurated and for this reason they take curation process seriously making sure that each curator is experienced and actively dating so they know who should be accepted into CupidCurated.
PS – By picking everyone who gets into CupidCurated, curators also get first choice on anyone joining the site :) Dear readers what you say about this startup ? Leave a comment .

Cupidcurated believe that life is too short to be lonely
CupidCurated was born out of our personal frustration with current online dating sites.Long personality tests and computer selected matches can’t tell you who you’ll have real chemistry with.Women receive a ridiculous volume of messages from guys that don’t fit your basic requirements or who are downright creepy.Guys spend too much time writing good thought-out messages to women who aren’t even interested in them in the first place.Current dating sites force you to weed through huge quantities of people instead of meeting quality people.
To fix these problems, CupidCurated gives women the power to choose.By having female curators decide who becomes a CupidCurated member, it will be a higher quality and more trustworthy experience for everyone.
They’re verifying everyone who joins to make sure they are who they say they are through personal references.
Once you’re accepted you have full control to express interest (or disinterest) in other people with the click of a button.
Only when there is mutual interest we’ll personally introduce you to each other, just like your best friend would, leaving no more un-targeted messages.

How is CupidCurated different from other online dating sites?
Members are higher quality and more trustworthy because everyone has to picked by curators to get in and verify everyone who gets accepted.

Who makes the decision on who gets into CupidCurated?
A team of female curators who look through each profile and make a yes/no decision on each person who applies.

What’s your criteria for being accepted?
It’s completely up to the curators. If you’re a guy, you’ll be accepted if one of the curators is interested in you. If you’re a girl, you’ll be accepted if one of the curators thinks you’re cool. In general, curators look for people who work on interesting things and love what they do. Outside of that, they verify that you are who you say you are and that your close friends will vouch for you.

What if I don’t want to provide references?
Then you won’t be accepted into CupidCurated. Making sure that everyone we accept is trustworthy is very important to us.

How much does CupidCurated cost?
It will be free for the first 150 members who are accepted and after that we will be charging a monthly subscription fee to access the site.

How many introductions will I receive and what will be the frequency?
You are in control of all of your information, who can see it, and who can be introduced to you. If you aren’t interested in someone, you can just click a button to make sure that you don’t hear from them.

What if I know a guy in CupidCurated already? How do you account for that?
Again, you are in control of all of your information. If you want to make sure that a guy can’t see any of your info, you can just click our “Not for me” button to do that.

After you introduce me to a guy I’m interested in, what is expected of me?
After we make sure that you’re interested in each other, one of our curators will personally introduce you to each other and ask the guy to follow up first. What you do next is up to you :)

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