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Curation tool Bibblio to Collecting the world's best knowledge on one platform. Start learning something new today or help others discover quality materials you've enjoyed or created, by simply linking to them on Bibblio.
How Bibblio works . Features :
Bibblio is here so you can learn. Learn anything, anytime in any format you want. Some people call it casual learning – we don’t really care what you call it. Start searching, browsing and learning.
Bibblio is also for you who like to help others find inspiration and knowledge. Whether you are creating your own learning materials or just know a whole bunch of good videos, slides, links or books that others can benefit from then you have come to the right place. Help us find by uploading the best stuff from the web so that we can help everybody.
The best way to support Bibblio is to support the guys who make amazing pieces of knowledge. Share their stuff, talk about it and promote it across your social channels. If you share the bibblio link then you help us at the same time. It is that easy. You can also donate directly to the people you really like to allow them to keep up their great work, or you can click here to learn more about how to support Bibblio on it’s way to become the greatest site for knowledge on the internet.

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