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The beauty of Yahki is its simplicity as a social learning environment. It’s an amazing tool! Yahki education channel delivers the toolset in a private learning space for each school or campus, yet naturally and safely extends to the wider community, even globally. The following video shows how. Yahki enables everyone to be a learner and everyone to be a teacher, leveraging Web content, mainstream social media, and school/campus and personal digital resources.
Yahki is online, supporting almost every device and language, 24/7. Students and teachers can curate, create, share, assess, refine, collaborate and connect, locally, nationally, globally. Yahki is an open platform that sits across personal, local and enterprise application layers. Yahki reflects where learning is today, overcoming many of the barriers of traditional education.
Teachers and students often refer to Yahki as the 'glue' that brings together content, ideas, creativity, formative assessment and reflection. Yahki is the ideal mashup of social media, the Web and effective learning. Yahki education channel enables users to ‘channel’ specific Web, premium and user- generated content through their school/campus class, peer and teacher networks. Yahki respects the needs of users as members of learning communities and the wider community.
Yahki’s simplicity and the channel concept set Yahki apart, solving issues for learning communities disrupted by Web 2.0. enables you to tell your own story - use the web content, links, photos & videos to create a new story & share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Yahki was released to provide the world’s first bridge between mainstream social media and a safe school or campus learning channel. Yahki now allows each student, teacher and parent to easily collect, mash up and ‘channel’ posts safely to their school network (teachers and students) or to their public network (friends and family) in one environment. There is no longer the need for a public social media environment and a separate school environment - Yahki is true to each.
Features :
Use Yahki to collect items from the Web. Browse or search to collect pictures, text information, video, tweets and posts from the Web. Curate collected items in folders (Yahki Sets) without losing links to original Web sources. Build your Yahki Sets based on interests or studies, all drag and drop
Mash up
Use Yahki to create mashups. Manage and mash up your social media and items collected from the Web. Organize, annotate, and update items, adding your thoughts and perspectives, all from one screen.
Share informal Yahki mashups with friends and family through Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Share professional Yahki mash ups through blogs and networks like LinkedIn

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