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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Like I write in my previous post Content curation is the act of continually identifying, organizing, and sharing the best and most relevant content on a specific topic or issue online . I think curation tools are gateway through knowledge and semantic web 3.0 in XXI Century Education . For this reason I launch #edtech20 curation and semantic project global project where teachers worldwide can join free to discover toghether step by step the way through semantic web 3.0 and to post in this blog .Dear members of#edtech20 #PLN like I write in my previous post I want to post about new edtools used in #edtech20 curation and semantic project in XXI Century Education and I invite you to join this free project and fill up this document with your information after I will invite you to collaborate in this blog and #edtech20 PLN and wiki You can contact me also on  and for more informations . Dear PLN if you enjoy my blog post I invite you to share and add comments .Today I write about new app twimbow . 2 mounths ago I discover and I received a invitation to join  Twimbow ( still today is open for everyoane ) a web application that helps any social media user to engage their network of friends more effectively, by organizing and enriching their conversations online.Colors make it easier for people to interact with their friends, filter groups of users, catch important tweets among the others, distinguish different type of messages. Twimbow uses the newest technologies available at the moment. Fast interface made of Html5 and CSS3, the magic of JQuery and a core made in Php.Last but not least, a Node.js server to manage live connections.
Dear friends I invite you to say your oppinion about   this new social media hub or you can add other same tool and app like comment .
For teachers worldwide who can't participate this year at #iste11 the Global MegaEdconference I made in #edtech20 wiki a curation page for iste to keep in touch with what's happen at #iste11!/web20education/status/85478762984116224  If you like you can join free to collaborate on this viki and you can share with your pln this page   and Kindly I invite you to join and collaborate free in #edtech20 #socialmedia #curation and#semantic project gateway to knowledge in #education20 . This project was finalist in ELEARNING AWARDS 2010... . Teachers worldwide are invited to join free #edtech20 project and to discover toghether semantic web 3.0 . I invite you to fill up this document with your information after I will invite you to collaborate in #edtech20 PLN and wiki Everyoane is welcome to join our groups for this PLN based on new tehnologies esafety in education : on facebook on Linkedin on Diigo. On wiggio on Cloudworks 


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