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Dear members of  ike I write in my previous post I want to post  about new edtools used in #edtech20 curation and semantic project in XXI Century Education and I invite you to join this free project and fill up this document with your information  and after I will invite you to collaborate in this blog and  #edtech20 PLN                                                                  and wiki . You can contact me also  at for more informations . Today I want to write  about  the best curation tool .but please add comments and also I have a surprise for you . If you want to try this incredible curation tool please email me or add here a comment with your oppinion about this tool or curation tools and with your name and your email and I will send you a invitation because today I have 3000 followers and I will tweet more related to semanticweb , curation , edtools and I will use #edtech20 hastag and I invite you to follow and post in the topic 

 is topic-centric, but  we can’t forget that it’s first of all a social media
 The main difference with the others social media is essential: lets users follow topics, not people. brings you content on topics you’ve decided to follow, shared by other people on these topics. People we meet are users who are willing to discuss about the same subjects. What gather people together are their passions! We don’t always share our passions with our friends: especially if they are unusual. Your interest about the Chinese culture may not be shared with your best friend!
In short, with you share content with people who are likely to find it relevant. enables to share things you would not normally share on other social Medias.
Sometimes you find that it’s too risky to share links with your family, your colleagues or old classmates. They will also not necessarily be very interested in your passions. And above all, the information that you will find relevant, will not be lost in the middle of thousand other posts.
And if you are a little bit curious (we are all), you will read the content on topics curated by other users who share the same interest, and you will comment their links.
We created because we felt social media needed much better curation tools than the ones which exist today.
What do we mean by that ?
With the explosion of Facebook, Twitter and blogs, we feel it’s not always easy to discover or share content on a specific topic with people who share exactly the same interest. Yes, we receive great content from our Facebook friends or from our Twitter contacts. The simple fact someone we know – and respect the opinion of – decided to share it makes it more likely to be good. This is a basic form of curation : highlighting good content.
But as our social networks grew, our timelines became crowded by constant updates, some of which are great, some not so much and others even spam. And at the same time, we all have topics that matter to us that never get covered in these timelines. If you’re passionate about freeride skiing and online video games, you can’t just expect everyone you connect with on social networks to be as ecstatic as you are about the latest patch changes in World of Warcraft or the latest hardware tests in airbag avalanche systems.
This is what we want to change.
We want to be the place where passionate people can select great content on the topic of their choice, assemble it in an easy-to-read online media and share it with others who share the same passion. And we want it to be easy.
Your experience will start by defining the topic you want to cover. Based on that and on keywords you select, we will automatically suggest potentially interesting links from a variety of sources we’ve crawled for you across the web. From Twitter feeds, from Youtube, from blogs related to your topic and many other social media we plan to integrate soon.
We think that will make your life easy : by receiving a constant stream of topic related suggestions, you’ll never be short of inspiration to find the best links and content on your favorite topic. And in just 1 click, you’ll add them to your topic, an online media that you’ll shape with your particular tastes and vision. Of course, there are other ways to add content to your topic like for instance the bookmarklet you can add to your browser tool bar as a “scoop it” button, etc…
The other important feature is that topics you create can be followed. By anyone, no need to be a Scoop.ituser. Via a topic’s permalink, via RSS or even simply via email. They’ll receive a daily update on all the topics they’ve subscribed to.
Eventually we’d like you to think of as a service that inspires you on the topics you feel passionate about so that you can highlight and share the best content you found.
So pick up the topic of your choice, start publishing on it the greatest links you’ve selected, share it with others, have them subscribe to your new media and build a community of followers sharing your passion !
In a word, be the curator of your favorite topic.



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