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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bundlr is a new and free tool for online curation: clipping, aggregation and sharing web content easily. You can sign in with twitter or facebook .With Bundlr you can create bundles of any kind of content: articles, photos, videos, tweets and links. Cover real-time breaking news from your sources. Wrap up an event with a collection of online feedback. Build a page where you pick the most relevant content on your area of expertise.First, Bundlr is now open to everyone, no more invites. Anyone can go ahead to the homepage and sign up directly with Twitter and Facebook.

Supported services
So you don't have to worry about embed codes.









Image, text selection and link clippingare available on every page.
 But that’s not all… Now they we’re releasing some very requested features:
Notes on clips
Embedded bundles
New timeline visualization
Search users and bundles
If you have proposed for features Join the community.
Also you can add a comment if you like this curation tool or if you know other like this .
3 easy steps to bundlr

1. Create your first Bundle

Start clipping content about your favorite topic.

2. Install the extension and clip something
Install Extensionor drag the Bundle This! bookmarklet to the bookmark toolbar.
Browse the Web and click the Bundle Button on your toolbar to clip images, videos, tweets, etc.
The clip will be added to the selected bundle.

3. Share your bundle

Tell the world about your bundle. Share it and get at least 10 views.

Getting Started with Bundlr from Bundlr on Vimeo. m

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