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ZeroPC turns your browser into a PC. The ZeroPC 'Lifetime Desktop in the Cloud' enables users to move their full desktop experience online, unify, consolidate and manage all of their digital content into one secure place for accessing and sharing between people using any browser and any Web-enabled device. ZeroPC provides the most comprehensive and functional desktop in the cloud with its rich combination of supported Web Apps, Local Apps and native apps ranging from productivity to collaboration to social networks. There is NO software to install & NO subscriptions! Unplug your computer - your desktop in the cloud follows wherever you go. 


Your Social Desktop

ZeroPC provides deep integration with popular Web services to deliver a complete, integrated "social desktop" experience. Using ZeroPC's account manager tool, you can easily sign-in and access many popular Web services such as Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and more, and Web storage providers like Google Docs, and SugarSync. A familiar 'drag & drop' process makes it super easy to copy and paste content from one service to another. For example, you can copy files from GoogleDocs to, or copy photos from Facebook to Flickr. There's no need to open separate browsers! Zero PC's Universal Inbox and messenger aggregate and manage all of your personal and business email, and instant messaging accounts into one convenient place.
Search and Discover Your and Your Friends' Content
Search and discover yours and your friends' cloud content through the Universal Cloud Search. Enter keywords, tags, names or places to navigate throughout all files, folders, documents, photos, video, and music. Access and share what you find all from ZeroPC.

Productivity, Collaboration, and Apps On-the-Go
ZeroPC provides a variety of applications to help you stay productive wherever you go. There's nothing to download, nothing to install. Open and edit your documents anywhere from any computer, collaborate and instant message in real-time with friends and colleagues, and access your favorite Web apps at your fingertips for a full desktop experience. All you need is an Internet connection and a Web browser!

Securely Store Your Content Online

ZeroPC gives you the peace of mind to securely lock away your confidential documents, files, photos and personal keepsakes into your own safety deposit box. You can put anything in it and only YOU can open it! And because ZeroPC resides in a cloud, you never have to worry about computer crashes or viruses that may corrupt your important documents, letters, photos and other items that are valuable to you.

Create & Share Your Content Easily

ZeroPC provides a super easy to share any of your content. You can "see" all of your content from your ZeroPC, whether the content resides on the local computer, in popular services like Dropbox, Google Docs, Flickr, or in ZeroPC storage. With a few simple clicks, you can select any File or Folder and securely share it with anyone you choose, or publish it to your Facebook or Twitter. Just your browser - there is no software to install.

Welcome to ZeroPC from ZeroDesktop on Vimeo.

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