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Curation is Social Media King and for this reason I launch #edtech20 project
Juxtapost is a new social media curation tool to organize your life and you can join free with facebook
Organizing your favorite things has never been easier. Juxtapost will put all your favorite things side-by-side in postboards you control. Invite friends to share their favorite things or send them things you see that they might like! Getting started is easy, but you'll need to first install our bookmarklet! Our bookmarklet will allow you to post images from any website to your organized postboards. To get started:
1. First, make sure your browser's bookmark toolbar is visible.
2. Second, simply drag this Juxtapost It! button to your bookmark toolbar.
That's it! Now you can post images you find from across the web.
Welcome to all your favorite things, side-by-side.
BOOKMARKSave all the neat things you see while you browse the web.
SHAREShare your fashion, design ideas and interests with friends and family.
DISCOVERFind new trends and ideas from all our clever members!
What makes Juxtapost different:
• No Invite Queue

Why wait to be invited? Get started with your collection right now!

• Private Postboards
No need to share all your ideas when planning a party or event. Keep some things secret!

• Exportable
Need to build a spreadsheet of your fabulous finds or want to use data elsewhere? No problem, all your posts can be exported!

• Easy Labeling
Juxtapost attempts to label your finds automatically for you.

• Color Indexing
Juxtapost indexes all photos by their color palette automatically so that we can present you with similar color posts.

• Everything Else
All the sharing and organizing features you expect plus a whole lot more. Join Juxtapost today!

If you like this curation tool or if you know other tools like this leave please leave a comment .

Welcome in the new Age of Curation @!/web20education - wish you all Lucian I invite to register to join free #edtech20 #socialmedia #curation project subscribe free to our new newsteller and Install free our #mlearning app .Like and collaborate on facebook and Circle on Google Plus Subscribe free to gr8 #edtech20 blogs related to new web 2.0, social media startups , curation ; mLearning apps , google plus and gr8 blog


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