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Faveous collects your favorites from Twitter, Google Reader Youtube & Facebook "likes on links" in one single place. Easy to curate, easy to manage. Gathering your favorite content is now fast and painless .

One Setup and you're done.
The first time you login to Faveous you need to add the different accounts of each service you want to import. In order to do that you need to authorize Faveous to keep track of your accounts' progress. After that Faveous will connect to your accounts periodically (every 15 minutes actually) and automatically retrieve your favorites from each service, making them appear on your Homepage. 
You have to do it only once. Faveous do NOT have any access at any moment to your passwords. We do NOT use your information for anything other than providing you with this great service.
Discover and share new amazing content .
Faveous is a really convenient tool to gather all your favorites but it's also an amazing tool todiscover new content!
Find your friends throught Facebook & Twitter to follow what they like on the web!
The Popular Leaderboard, allows you to discover what the most interesting links are at the moment.

Features :

A central place for everything you like
Can't remember where you starred this amazing content ? Was it in Twitter, Google Reader, Youtube or maybe elsewhere ? Stop searching.Open faveous and there it is: the place for everything you care about on the web.
Integrated with every apps and services without installing or setting up anything.

Read Later
Sometimes, it's not really convenient to read or watch rich content on a mobile device. Don't bother anymore, view it later on your computer’s much wider screen.
Mark the link as favorite, like it, fave it or even tweet it with just one touch of the finger and it's already in your Faveous. Magical!

Read from anywhere
If you are familliar with RSS feeds you will undersand that you can have access to your items from almost everywhere.
Including the popular iPad App FlipBoard which is just perfect to read your Faveous' items on your iPad. How to ?

Bookmark any Page
With free Chrome Extension and the bookmarklet your can save any page directly from your browser. With a single clic.
Other extensions for Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer will be available in the next few weeks. In the mean time feel free to install our cross-platform bookmarklet (which may not look as nice, but functions exactly in the same way) to do the same thing :)

Organize and Search
Faveous confines your favorite content, that’s a good start. Nonetheless, optimizing your Homepage’s structure is essential. A powerful search engine is always something useful, it might help you find something lost in the middle of all your different content, but mostly, it’ll speed up your access to a specific media you can’t wait to show someone else.

You can also, and you really should, classify your items with our smart "tagging" system. Add one or multiple words separated by a space to classify your content. This will make you realize you’ve forgotten a lot of important things!

Migrate from Delicious or Instapaper
If you come from Delicious or Instapaper you mightn’t want to restart eveything and loose your precious data.. Faveous we're offer you a simple tool to import all your previous data to Faveous.
Fast & Painless

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