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Thursday, February 16, 2012

msnNOW just made it a lot easier to stay in the know on the stories people are talking about, searching for and sharing the most. msnNOW scour the most interesting trends from real-time sources like Twitter, Facebook, Bing, YouTube and, so you'll always know what's happening with the hottest social trends and stories on the Web. Then expert editors add key insights on why a story is trending, if it's true and where to find out more, so you'll be the most informed of your friends on the latest trends.

What will I find on msnNOW?
msnNOW summarize trends in 100 words or less, arming you with everything you need to know to talk about and share stories with your friends. On, you will see icons from Facebook, Twitter, Bing, YouTube and Breaking News, indicating where each story comes from. To see a quick snapshot of latest trends that are blowing up as you read, check out "Biggest Movers." And, don't forget to fuel the trend by clicking on the butterfly and sharing it yourself.
What does 'Analyzing searches and social updates' actually mean?
Every moment of every day, people are searching, sharing, tweeting and posting content. It's hard for people to know what others are really talking about; so every few minutes we look back at the last 24 hours to tally, sort and analyze millions of Bing searches and social updates. We sift through all this data, toss out the boring, the lame, the uninteresting -- and then look for patterns to emerge. Our advanced technology detects breaking trends as they happen in real time -- so you'll find stories on msnNOW that you'll find nowhere else. Sure, we'll cover some big stories, but with a unique social angle. We think this new blend of algorithms and editorial is the perfect way to find the stories that matter now.

What is Biggest Movers?
Biggest Movers displays keywords that are trending. The results are determined by a computer algorithm, displayed automatically and not filtered. At times, hoaxes, rumors and false information trend on the Internet. Biggest Movers still shows you this information because it is trending online. It does not identify or filter out the false information. The results are updated every five minutes, so you can click the arrows to look back over the past two hours and see how trends change.

Why should I make it part of my daily routine?
You probably already have a place to go to catch up with friends, get general news and a favorite site for entertainment or sports. msnNOW completes your routine by showing you stories about what we are collectively sharing and searching for most. We update msnNOW constantly -- so you can be sure to never miss out. Go to and click Make msnNOW my homepage to make it a habit.

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