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Bottlenose is a smarter way to surf the Stream. It's a new personalization tool that helps the important information find you in social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Use Bottlenose to track your interests, visualize trends, and curate knowledge with your friends. The Sharepocalypse is here to stay. Social networks are popping up left and right, and they're getting noisier. How do you cut through all this chaos? How do you make sense of your streams?
At Bottlenose they we're building a new social assistance application that helps you do just that. It helps navigate the depths of your networks and keep up with your social streams so you can engage more intelligently. But that's just the beginning: Bottlenose helps you hunt for what interests you, alerts you when something deserves your attention, and even helps you share and communicate more productively.
If you're an influencer, brand, or just someone who has a lot of friends and interests across social networks, we feel your pain and we're here to help.

What is Bottlenose?

Bottlenose is the smartest social media dashboard.

  • Put all of your streams in one place -- a unified view.
  • Navigate visually -- zoom in and out, effortlessly.
  • Automatically sort conversations -- messages categorize themselves.
  • Build rules and alerts -- only what you care about, when you need to care about it.
  • Compose richer messages -- be heard, be found, be productive. Be more #awesome.
It's now commonplace for online conversations to cross-pollinate between a slew of social networks and social enterprise applications. We spend hours guzzling information wholesale, searching, making lists upon lists and an endless row of columns as little more than a coping mechanism, desperately awaiting something better.
There's definitely not a lack of information on the Web. However, there is a lack of time and resources to find and consume it all - that why we built Bottlenose. We're solving the "more problem". Right now, more is bad. But more should be good.
Other social media dashboards just haven't managed to keep up with social media's explosive growth and adoption, unfortunately. You should be able to recklessly friend, follow and subscribe, resting assured that more can be better, if you have the right tools.
Everyone has an opinion and something to say, often on many networks simultaneously. Bottlenose is how you make sense of all of the conversations you follow, and the trends they relate to.
Bottlenose is intelligent. Bottlenose is personalized. And If you have a large audience, follow lots of people and interests, or create a lot of social media content -- Bottlenose is for you.

How do I get access to Bottlenose?

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