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Hojoki Make All Your Cloud Apps Work As One .  Integrate your cloud apps into one personalized activity stream. Share your activities with team members and get instantly notified of theirs.

Hojoki automatically integrates your cloud app activities into one personalized activity stream. We support plenty of apps, with many more on the way.

2.Share and collaborate
Automatically shares progress feeds with your cohorts to collaborate on activities.

Get Notified
Updates are pushed to you and your team members immediately, keeping you on the same page.

Hojoki plays nicely with the apps you love:

Hojoki gets the commit messages from your code repositories and feeds them to your activity stream. Transfers #hashtags to Hojoki tags.

Works with both SVN and git repositories. Requires you to enable API usage at your Beanstalk profile.

Hojoki gets your uploads, includes them in your activity stream and lets you search for file names.

This integration is currently in private beta testing. 

Gets your bookmarks and lets you automatically share them with your team members based on tags.

Collects your public and private bookmarks, converts create and update events into Hojoki activities.

With Hojoki you can see when files or folders are added or changed in your Dropbox.

Based on Dropbox's event RSS feed which you have to copy from

Follow your activities in Evernote, both in private and shared notebooks.

This integration is currently in private beta testing. 

Hojoki gets the commit messages from your code repositories and feeds them into your activity stream. Transfers #hashtags to Hojoki tags.

Imports activities from your own projects as well as from the projects they have been forked from.

Google Calendar

Never miss a new event that’s created or updated in one of your team calendars.

Simply makes things easier!

Google Docs
Hojoki tracks changes in your Google Document folders and then tells you when anything is altered in any of your files.

Works with all types of files (docs, spreadsheets, etc.). Notifies the user of file creations or modifications.

If Highrise is your favourite way of managing your contacts, this is for you. Hojoki includes changes and additions related to contacts, companies and tasks.

This even includes more information than the original Highrise activity stream!

Pivotal Tracker
Track changes in your tracker (hurray, a play on words!). See when new stories are created or existing ones have been updated.

Transfers Pivotal Tracker tags as well as hashtags into Hojoki tags.

Ta-Da List

Ta-Da List is a quick and easy way to manage your daily tasks. Hojoki shows you what's new on your to-do list.

Works for multiple lists.


Imports your very own tweets. It's really helpful to share single tweets or your team’s twitter channel with a project.

#Hashtags are transfered to Hojoki tags. Retweets are attached below the original tweet.


Support portal works with the fabulous Zendesk and this integration helps us stay on top of what's going on there. Soon, this will be the same for you.

This integration is currently in private beta testing.

Roadmap ; These are what hojoki working on:

Is your favourite app not on the list? Make sure it gets implemented soon by suggesting it here. Thanks!

Hojoki, huwhat??

Hojoki Screencast: Integrate Cloud Apps from Hojoki on Vimeo.
Just in case you wonder about this funny name: Hojoki is the name of a famous Japanese book from the 13th century telling a poetic story about the way of life and flow of events. It starts with a sentence so beautiful and so descriptive to how all of us are working today that it inspired us to name our app after the book: "The current of the flowing river does not cease, and yet the water is not the same water as before."

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