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Capturetocloud new curation tool in the cloud . Free account include Upload up to 200MB/month
Upload unlimited bookmarks
Up to 500 web pages, images, PDFs, etc.
Unlimited sharing
Free Google Docs integration
Free Dropbox integration and item linking
Marketing intelligence gathering, organizing, and sharing
Investment Professionals target entity's background, principals' profiles, sector and comparables data, references
Real Estate documents, images, web pages and text messages organized by transaction
Purchasing research and comparison data, terms, warranty, shipping data, receipts
Recruiting searching for candidates or potential engagements, doing background checks, researching client companies, capturing candidate profiles and annotating them
Science and Education researching a subject, collaboration, publishing
Sales and Consultants gathering data about or for clients
Analysts gathering sector intelligence, technology/methods, and other data related to the subjects or entities being analyzed or written about
Travel research destinations, travel docs, maps, activities, reviews, ICE, receipts
Researching Patents or IP Researching patents or IP related to a new technology and capturing relevant content from data sources
Personal Interests techniques/tools, venues and events, current project(s), data from others with similar interests, items from forums and blogs, collaboration and sharing
Journalists researching a story, collaborating, publishing
Health and Fitness researching a disease, genetic issue, or other health topic, gathering data on various treatments/regiments/diagnoses and their side effects, capturing personal data from health providers, keeping goals and tracking performance
Personal Capturing images and writings for inspiration on a new creative project
Food Capturing and organizing recipes and food images
Auto Capturing service records from auto service web site
Academic Researching and collaborating on a school project
Retail Vetting gifts ideas and capturing specific items for potential purchase . 

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