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Boundless is making the world's open educational content more useful for students by connecting them with the wealth of high quality, openly licensed, and free educational content that has been created by leading educators and institutions over the last 20 years.  Boundless work directly with pillars of the Open Educational Resources (OER) community and have an esteemed set of advisors and investors with substantial experience in education, publishing, and OER. Boundless curates the best open content to create a free learning platform that saves students money and helps them learn more efficiently.
Features :
More than just a textbook
Boundless includes interactive features to help students study smarter.
Interactive Notebook
Students can highlight content, add notes in the margins, and take class notes in an interactive notebook.
Flashcards and Quizzes
Built in flashcards and quizzes encourage review of concepts and key terms.
Study Guides
Boundless lets students condense all notes and highlights, view and edit on any device, and share the finished product with classmates for use in study groups and review sessions.
Instant Search
Chapters, key term definitions, and anything else at your fingertips. Fast and intuitive navigation so students can spend more time studying and less time searching.
Content from each concept is condensed to the essential key points, key terms, and examples to help students study smarter.Find your free textbook
Content for 18 leading college-level subjects
We are constantly updating our content to ensure we provide
the most relevant, high-quality material for students.

Blog curated by Lucian, father, Social Media Curator and teacher, ;
Curator who win a IPAD in Global Competition with PLN help or simply a educator hwo teach special needs students how to integrate new technologies online web 2.0 and Social Media into the classroom . Follow and . Now I write / describe weekly Top 10 ,and describe daily: curation edtools ; startup edtools , ipad apps . Now I begin to blog also in romanian


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