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Wunderlist is here to help you get things done. Like I told you before Curation is now Social Media King and if you are agree leave a comment after you read the features .
Whether you're planning an overseas adventure, sharing a shopping list with a loved one or simply keeping track of your daily to-dos.
Available for free on all your devices with next features :
Lightning fast performance and invisible sync
Nowadays, we are all using several different devices throughout the day, from mobile and tablets to desktop and web. Knowing this, Wunderlist 2 has gone native on all major platforms — Mac, iPhone, Web, Android and Windows PC. The switch to native apps guarantees a fast and stable performance no matter how many different devices you are using. What’s more, thanks to the brand-new server architecture your lists will automatically be synchronized via Wunderlist’s incredibly clever Cloud Sync. So clever in fact, the synchronization will happen without you even recognizing.
Reminders, Recurring and Subtasks
Everything you need, plus a little more
Do you like to work towards a deadline? Do you have things to do that never change? Or do you prefer to split big tasks into smaller steps? Wunderlist now features the new Detail View including Reminders along with Recurring and Subtasks. Guaranteeing your activities are kept on track and on time with little effort — again, again and again.
Brand new design
A love that goes beyond first sightWhen you first take a look at Wunderlist 2 it will feel familiar, yet completely new at the same time. Wunderlist has been redesigned to include all new stunning graphics that look even better on retina displays. Just take a look at the new icon, the nice subtle paper texture of a task and the handmade pictograms in the sidebar. The only way to achieve a design like this is by relentlessly considering and reconsidering every single piece — including the details you don’t directly see, but will no doubt experience.
Seamless collaboration
With a little help from your friendsWant to get your colleague’s assistance on an upcoming presentation? Or maybe you want to share the fun of organizing a birthday party with a friend? Wunderlist now makes it downright simple to invite your friends, family and colleagues to lend a helping hand. Through the smart integration of Facebook’s Open Graph and your personal address book all you need to do is hit “Invite” and wait for them to join. Oh, and if they are not yet a Facebook friend simply type in their email address. Sharing in Wunderlist has never been easier.
Push, Email and In-App Notifications
Always be the first to knowWant to know if a friend has invited you to a list? Or has a colleague added a task to the latest project? Customize the way you want to be kept informed with Wunderlist 2. Depending on your preference you can receive updates to your shared lists via push notifications, email or simply head to Wunderlist’s new Activity Center. The choice is totally up to you.
Smart Lists
The full package – beauty and intelligenceWunderlist's new interface is even more intelligent. It now shows you everything you need exactly when you need it. Instead of having filters permanently visible we integrated the new concept of Smart Lists that are hidden if there’s nothing to be shown. If you worked a lot with the former filter function you can easily make Smart Lists visible permanently through the preferences panel. With this approach we can deliver an even simpler experience, while at the same time offer advance users even more functionality.
Data security
Keeping your data secure 24/7Millions of people and thousands of businesses worldwide use Wunderlist to manage their lists and daily to-dos. So protecting your data is of paramount importance.. So there is no need to worry — you can trust your data is safe with us.
Sticky Notes 2.0
Capture all your best ideas
Whether you are student, an aspiring chef or an established author Wunderlist 2 has your note taking requirements covered. Just open the front cover to experience clever features like web link integration and auto save, along with the ability to attach and detach a note from a task, allowing you to work in the detailed view or out of the app itself, it’s entirely up to you.
Print your Lists 
Travel light with everything you need on paperWith Wunderlist you can print your lists with just a few clicks. Whether it’s a team meeting agenda, shopping list or your very own wish list, you can travel light with all the details you need on paper.
Add to Wunderlist Browser Extension 
The whole web is just a click awayAdd to Wunderlist is a Chrome, Firefox and Safari browser extension that appears in your navigation bar, allowing you to quickly save all your favorite web content directly into Wunderlist. To make it even easier Add to Wunderlist places a second button directly on some of your favorite websites, starting with Amazon, Asos, Ebay and Etsy, Hacker News, Twitter, Wikipedia and Youtube, as well as the most popular web email clients, Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo! Mail.

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