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Curatr is for showing off the things you love.. Like I told you before Curation is now Social Media King and if you are agree leave a comment after you read the features
Have you ever been talking with someone cool and wondered what blogs they read? Music they like? TV shows they watch? Podcasts they pod? Of course, you don't want to know every show they watch, just their favourites.
In the Offline World you show a lot of things off on a living room bookshelf. Since a real bookshelf only holds so many things, you thoughtfully choose to display only the best items — the things that mean the most to you.
Curatr encourages the same thoughtful selection by providing space for 9 items for each curation. Select items and visually customize your curations. Friends can quickly view, discuss, and debate the choices, as well as show off their own curations.
So now go curate!
After meeting someone interesting at a dinner, visit their Curatr profile to see what blogs they read.
Find new people with similar tastes to you and see what else they like.
Get great content recommendations from Curatr based on curations from similar Curators.
Curatr worked hard to make this useful and fun. We hope you’ll enjoy and would love feedback!
You can use Curatr to transform learning resources into a Rich, Active and Social Learning experience. Curatr unique platform encourages users to reflect, curate and build their understanding as they collaborate with their peers in a social learning environment.
Curatr can act both as a stand-alone solution and as a layer on top of existing systems. With Curatr's API and our flexible delivery solutions, Curatr can integrate with a wide-range of existing software, from Single Sign On solutions to content and reporting.
Curatr presents learning objects in a highly scalable, visual interface. Each object is represented by a node which carries an image and several dynamic pieces of information to tell the user more about what is 'behind' the click. Using this approach any digital content can be linked to and curated by your learners.
User-Generated Content
Curatr allows learners to contribute back to the platform in a wide-range of ways. From adding objects or uploading content, to creating comments and peer voting on test responses, no other learning platform caters to UGC in the same way Curatr does.
Object Orientated Discussion
There's nothing sadder than an empty forum. Which is why you won't find any here! Unlike some other Social Learning platforms, discussion is baked in to Curatr, with opportunities for learners to reflect on every piece of content.
Unique Testing Options
Challenge your learners to build new learning objects as a part of the learning process. Testing options include standards such as MCQ's and Discussion Questions, but also ask learners to stretch themselves by adding new objects, uploading assignments and peer marking.
Curatr taps into the power of Gamification to encourage users to contribute and collaborate with each other at every stage of the process. With a comprehensive Experience Points and Levels system intertwined with varying difficulty settings, you can craft the perfect scaffolding and flow for your users.
Curatr creates rich reports of your learner's progress, allowing you to not only check on overall progress, but on effort throughout a programme. All of our reports can be output to a variety of formats and systems.

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