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Dear teachers today I selected from may #edtools a curation beta tool ,, scrible does for research what gmail did for email.” and I want to present you  new scrible's changing how the world works online by transforming Web-based research but I hope will be free for education

Even though the world uses the Internet to research nearly everything for work, school and home (job postings, press releases, Wikipedia articles, medical info, etc.), most folks still use old-school ways of annotating, organizing and sharing online info (printing to mark by hand, copying/pasting into Word, etc.). It's archaic, laborious and a waste of time. We're changing that. We're bringing Web-based research into the Internet Era by empowering people to mark up web pages in the browser and manage and collaborate on them online. And that's just the start... We've got much more planned in a variety of areas to help people manage the mounds of info they're pulling off the Web everyday.
scrible: collaborate on research with power & ease
·         richly annotate web pages in multiple colors & styles
·         save web research online & access it from anywhere
·         use simple keywords to search full text of saved research
·         use tags to quickly and easily organize research by topic
·         easily share annotated web research with others via email
·         new create project-specific digital research libraries
·         new set permissions to selectively share libraries with others

research without scrible
Outdated methods of online research
·         printing & filing hard-copies of web research
·         manually annotating print-outs of web pages
·         copy-paste from web browser into documents
Online research poses many problems
·         proper sourcing of research avoided/forgotten
·         lost referenced pages result in broken links
·         copy-paste or archiving pages distorts layout
Your research info is trapped in silos
·         one person maintains stacks of printouts
·         another has a document of links & excerpts
·         critical findings can't be shared with others



May 26, 2011 at 4:54 AM
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