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Like I write in my previous post Content curation is the act of continually identifying, organizing, and sharing the best and most relevant content on a specific topic or issue online . I think curation tools are gateway through knowledge and semantic web 3.0 in XXI Century Education . For this reason I launch #edtech20 curation and semantic project global project where teachers worldwide can join free  to discover toghether step by step the way through semantic web 3.0 and to post in this blog .
Dear members of  ike I write in my previous post I want to post  about new edtools used in #edtech20 curation and semantic project in XXI Century Education and I invite you to join this free project and fill up this document with your information  and after I will invite you to collaborate in this blog and  #edtech20 PLN                                                                  and wiki . You can 
contact me also  at for more informations .
Today I present you BagtheWeb to Curate Web content to make your own topic bags. Publish and share your expertise. Bagging is teaching and learning.
BagTheWeb helps users curate Web content. For any topic, you can create a "bag" to collect, publish, and share any content from the Web. Beyond most curation tools' capability, BagTheWeb enables users to build networks of bags. Via bags, users can collect, publish, and share curated Web content in a simple and exciting way. Web content forms content networks, users form social networks, and content and social networks further connect.  This way bags can be linked together to provide rich and complete information about any topic. For this reason Bag the Web  an evolving Web.                                                                                  

For Teachers

Collect teaching materials. Create bags for students to study and assign homework.

For Students

Build bags to collect information for your courses, project, and homework.

For Researchers

Bag what your discover from search. Share knowledge and results with colleagues.

For Lifelong Learners

Keep your passion on interested topics by bagging. Develop personal knowledge base.
BagTheWeb is unique for  the following core feature :
  • Bag: A special webpage with an individual URL, it aggregates a group of relevant Web links.
  • Rich media: Video, images, tweets from selected sites can be automatically embeded into bags when users add their links.
  • Post: It is a blog post created inside a bag. It is listed at the right location in a bag for its content relevancy, instead of reverse chronological order with regular blogs.
  • Bag network: Users can link other relevant bags to the ones they create.
  • Bookmarklet: Users can click the bookmarklet to curate webpages when they surf the Web.
  • Embed tool: Bags can be embedded to users' website or blogs as reference.
  • Social functions: Users can follow other users and recommend bags for them to read.
  • Hashtag: Users add hashtags to bags in comments or recommendations and click on hashtags to find relevant bags.
  • Sharing: Users can share bags via Facebook and Twitter. They also can email them to friends.                                                         Here you can see my first bagtheweb :)                                                                                                                                                 

If you enjoy my blog posts and you know other curation edtool please live a comment .


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