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Like I write in my previous post  is the act of continually identifying, organizing, and sharing the best and most relevant content on a specific topic or issue online . I think curation tools are gateway through knowledge and semantic web 3.0 in XXI Century Education . For this reason I launch #edtech20 curation and semantic project global project where teachers worldwide can join free  to discover toghether step by step the way through semantic web 3.0 and to post in this blog .

Dear members of  ike I write in my previous post I want to post  about new edtools used in #edtech20 curation and semantic project in XXI Century Education and I invite you to join this free project and fill up this document with your information  and after I will invite you to collaborate in this blog and  #edtech20 PLN                                                                  and wiki . You can contact me also  at for more informations . 

Today I write about 

Schoox is a place where everyone can bookmark, create, share and socialize information in any format, from websites to online courses and use it efficiently to learn and even certify their knowledge. 

Everyday hundreds of millions of Internet users find, collect, manage and absorb information of any kind from different sources like web pages, videos, blogs, wikis, images, online books, documents and even online courses. Different kinds of information processing serve different needs or aspects of our lives. Just reading news, for example, serves our need to be informed about what happens around us. Whereas organizing, socialising and verifying information serves our intrinsic need to transform information to knowledge and understand better the world. Finally knowledge certification serves our need for social acknowledgement, a better job and a better life.

Schoox offers a pleasant way to discover and transform information to knowledge. It offers a social environment where anyone can discover, collect and review knowledge resources of any kind. Users who know what’s what can even create online courses and promote them. By using resources of different kinds (web pages, videos, blogs, wikis, online books, documents, online courses) users can knuckle down to any subject they want and even certify their knowledge. On schooX different kinds of resources are supported with special features according to their format. Online courses, for example, are supported by an internal Learning Management Module capable of maintaining the users learning process. SchooX is great and is for everyone! On schooX everyone can be a Discoverer, Collector, Reviewer, Learner or Instructor. 
If you know other curation edtools and if you like schoox please live add a comment .


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